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The Way Out 
of  Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse

Join me for my 6-Week Virtual Program – “The Way Out of Codependency & Narcissistic Abuse….. through the understanding of the 3 Principles”


Starting on April 30, at 10:00 am PDT.

Do you feel like a magnet for Narcissist Abuse?

Are you still suffering from the Negative Effects of a dysfunctional childhood?

Do you suffer from Low Self-Esteem and settle for less than you deserve in all areas of your life?

Are you a People-Pleaser who always puts others’ needs ahead of your own? 

Or, are you stuck in a Toxic Relationship and can't decide whether to stay or leave?


Don't worry, you're not alone. That was me before I came across an understanding known as The Principles. 


Before coming across The Principles, I spent the first 50 years of my life struggling with debilitating Codependency. I was hiding out, playing small, and riddled with insecurities. 


To make matters worse, unbeknownst to me, my Codependency was attracting Narcissists to me like a moth to a flame! 


What a relief it was to see that this did not have to be my fate. By simply understanding the unconscious thinking that was running my life I went from being a Narcissist magnet to a Narcissist repellent.  


If this resonates with you, and you would like to find the same freedom I found, then please join me for my 6-Week program….

Regular price $397

Early bird special $347 

ends on April 25

Each week we will cover a different topic. The format is approximately 40 minutes of presentation, followed by 20 minutes of interactive Q and A. If you prefer, you can email me your questions during the week, and I can address them during our time together.


 Week 1

  • Introduction to the 3 Principles. We’ll explore what the fundamentals of the 3 Principles are. I’ll share my story of how coming across this understanding was pivotal in helping me find the way out of a lifetime of suffering from Codependency & Narcissistic Abuse


Week 2

  • What is Narcissism? We’ll address the three main types of Narcissists from the Overt to the Covert and the Malignant. We’ll look at the classic traits of Narcissistic behavior and how to spot the red flags before it’s too late


Week 3  

  • What is Codependency? We’ll look at what it means to be Codependent, the causes Codependency, and how to break free of Codependent Thinking and Behavior. We’ll discuss the myriad of ways in which Codependency shows up in all areas of our life, from our relationships to our careers


Week 4  

  • Signs You are in a Narcissistic Relationship. We’ll discuss the dynamics of a Narcissistic relationship, from Love Bombing to Gaslighting, to Walking on Eggshells, to Trauma Bonding, the Narcissistic Dance, Flying Monkeys and a lot more!


Week 5

  • Should I Stay, or Should I Leave? There’s no judgment; it’s entirely a personal decision. Not everyone chooses to leave their Narcissistic relationship. Whether you decide to stay or go, I’ll share some essential tips on how to mitigate some of the harmful effects of interacting with the Narcissist in your life 


Week 6  

  • Creating Happy & Healthy Relationships: From the perspective of the 3 Principles, we’ll discuss the elements that it takes to create rich and rewarding relationships with everyone in your life from your Partner, to your Parents, your Boss, and your Children

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